Failed to connect to the Software Delivery Manager. Please ensure all processes are running [CMM000325]

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While trying to delete a computer in the DSM Explorer, the user is prompted for credentials and the delete operation fails with the error “Failed to connect to the Software Delivery Manager. Please ensure all processes are running [CMM000325]”. The error occurs even if the user is an Administrator mapped with Full Control permissions under Security Profiles.

The TRC_GUI log shows the following:

120216-14:00:32.0743683L|007412|00001160|GUI |cmObjectManager |CCO_DAI.cpp |010204|ERROR | CCODAI::OperationPermitted SEC_API_OperationPermitted failed 13
120216-14:00:32.0744658L|007412|00001160|GUI |cmObjectManager |dataaccess.cpp |003831|WARNING| COAPI_CDataAccess::HandleError rc=CMM001013, component=cmnObjectDAI, errorInfo=



All versions of CA Client Automation



This error happens if the Software Delivery Catalog certificate (dsmsdcat) is missing on the Domain manager.

Check the TRC_CF_DMAPI log for errors like the following:

120216-14:00:42.3728066L|007412|00001160|DMAPI |cbbcstor |cbbcstor |000000|ERROR | CCertStore::RetrieveCertificate: cert not found
120216-14:00:42.3728500L|007412|00001160|DMAPI |OpenIdentityByNa|OpenIdentityByName_I|000000|ERROR | No private key exists for this identity [dsmsdcat]. Possible accidental import of DER file rather than PKCS#12?
120216-14:00:42.3728829L|007412|00001160|DMAPI |cfspanmc |cfspanmc |000000|ERROR | AuthentPrime : Failed to load tag identity <dsmsdcat> rc=200744
120216-14:00:42.3731027L|007412|00001160|DMAPI |CFSMCAPI |CFSMCAPI |000000|ERROR | SmiSession::AuthenticateSessionTransact : Failed set credentials!

This can also be validated by running the command ‘cacertutil list –v’ to check if the Software Delivery Catalog certificate is missing.



Import the dsmsdcat certificate to the certificate store using the following command:

cacertutil import -i:itrm_dsm_r11_sd_catalog.p12 -ip:enc:wdyZd4DXpx6j5otwKY0jSaOOVLLi0txQruDVOslGOlNIMZw96c85Cw -t:dsmsdcat 

For more info on importing the default CA Client Automation certificates please refer techdoc TEC419672.


If custom certificates are being used in your environment, please run the cacertutil import command from the installation media containing the custom certificates. For more info, please refer the CA Client Automation Greenbook (page 231 onwards) located at the following link: