Failed Probes - Controller: Search for IP address failed

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Last Modified Date : 06/06/2018
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Robots installed via rpm on SuSe Linux Enterprise 12 Server 64 bit are unable to find the robots IP address and thus all probes fail to start.

Controller log shows
Controller: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 
 Controller: ----- Robot controller 7.93 [Build 7.93.9350, Oct 31 2017] started ----- 
 Controller: Search for IP address failed - not found 
 Controller: Warning - Robot IP is set to loopback, communications with remote hubs will be impossible

UIM-Version 8.51
Robot Version 7.93
OS Version SuSe Linux Enterprise 12 Server 64 bit
  • The nimbus.service should have a "Want" configured for
  • This would ensure the network interface was UP prior to starting the Robot.
  • To check this the following command can be used .
    • systemd-analyze dot 'nimbus.*' | dot -Tsvg > systemd.svg
    • This produces a graphic that illustrates the dependencies.
User-added image
Line ColourMeaning
dark blueRequisite
dark greyWants
  • As can be seen there is no "Want" configured for
  • Running the same on CentOS shows.
User-added image
  • Here you can see the "Want" is correctly defined.
There is no permanent solution at this time.  The issue is currently being researched.  Additional information will be provided as it becomes available. 

The Workaround is to edit the /usr/lib/systemd/system/nimbus.service file and add the "Want" to the [Unit] section

Description=NMS server