Extracting Metamodel Definitions using the Repository Configuration Facility

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Extracting Metamodel Definitions Overview

The Extract function of the Repository Configuration Facility copies the metamodel definitions from the control tables for an existing repository to a target file. These definitions include:

  • All core Repository Metamodel definitions
  • The definitions for any metamodel extensions (tables) you created for the repository

When you create a repository, you can specify this file as the model file. The new repository then includes your site-defined repository tables. Likewise, if you want to upgrade an existing repository with extensions that you defined for another repository, you can run the upgrade utility, specifying the model file containing the extensions.

Caution: The repository from which you extract the metamodel definitions and the repository that you are creating or upgrading must be the same version. Additionally, it is not advisable to mix two user-extended repositories, as TYP_ID's would most likely clash.

Extracting Metamodel Definitions from a Repository

To extract metamodel definitions from a repository and export them to another file, follow these steps:

  1. From the Repository Aliases list in the Repository Configuration Facility window, select a repository.
  2. Select Extract... from the Repository menu and the Repository Extract dialog appears as shown below:

The Repository Alias field is automatically populated with the repository alias chosen and from whose control tables you are going to extract metamodel definitions.
  • In the User ID field; enter a host DBMS administrator ID with read access to the repository control tables.
  • In the Password field, enter the password associated with the ID in the User ID field.
  • In the Model File field, enter the fully qualified path and file name (with a .pcd extension) for the file to which you are exporting the metamodel data.
    If you need to search for an existing file, click Browse, select the file, and then click OK.
    Note: Be sure to place the extracted metamodel PCD file in the ARDS\metadata folder when performing the upgrade, otherwise security roles will not generate cleanly in your new repository database. Additionally, it is a best practice to give your extracted metamodel a file name that is different (e.g. newtestrepo.pcd) from that of the standard metamodel file (i.e. proeemodel.pcd).
  • Click OK to begin the metamodel extraction process.
    Note: To import this metamodel to create or upgrade a repository, specify the model file name during the creation or upgrade process. The version of the repository that you are creating or upgrading and the version of the repository from which you extracted the metamodel definitions must be the same.