Extracting Error Snapshot events containing specific information.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Provides information on extracting Error events using Command Line workstation and matching required search criteria.



Is it possible to extract error snapshots in XML format using specific search criteria outside of Historical Query Viewer ?



Yes, use the Command Line Workstation to extract required ErrorSnapshot Events in XML format and to also specify custom search criteria. (This limits the number of events matched. )

The following commands are available in CLW to extract error snapshots. See the APM Configuration and Admin Guide for a complete reference.


-get historical events matching "(type:errorsnapshot)"

This command retrieves a full event XML output file from the Transaction database showing all the data including various parameters for an errorsnapshot.


-get historical event summaries matching "type:errorsnapshot and time:[<starttime> TO <endtime>]"

Gives a summarized (less verbose) view of all the error snapshots, ideal for generating reports on number of errors experienced by a system in a day.


APM Transaction Trace database supports Lucene so you can specify multiple search options using the Lucene Query Syntax. Check the APM Workstation Guide for complete list of options supported by EM.


For example: The following command shows how to search for all Error Snapshots sent by Agent named "Tomcat Agent" between August 12th to August 20th

C:\Introscope9.1.1.0\lib>java -jar CLWorkstation.jar get historical events matching "type:errorsnapshot and agent:Tomcat Agent and time:[20120812 TO 20120820]"