Exporting data security with uniexpsec: links missing

Document ID : KB000109146
Last Modified Date : 02/08/2018
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Exporting UVMS security using "uniexpsec -full  command does not work correctly.

We note that when the importation of the file generated by the the uniexpsec, the objects are extracted (user, group role), but the links between user / group and group / role are no longer present.

Export command in error:

./uniexpsec -file /tmp/security_uvms.xml -full

The output file is not correct as no links are present in the tag:

      <GroupEntity id="3">
        <label>Univiewer Admin</label>
        <groupUserProxies class="linked-hash-set" id="4"/>
All OS 
Univiewer Management Server on version 6.6.xx
Defect present in versions 6.6.x and inferior of UVMS.
1 / Please upgrade Univiewer Management Server to version 6.7.01 or superior and export again the UVMS Security.

2 / Other workaround consists on exporting the groups one by one and then importing them into the new UVMS. 

Example of command for admin group :

uniexpsec -file "C:\temp\security_uvms.xml" -group Administrators

uniimpsec -file "C:\temp\security_uvms.xml" -group Administrators