Exporting Applications and Policies via EEM UI and Importing via Safex.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This Document will guide you through exporting your Applications and Policies, from within the EEM UI, and import them into another EEM Server via Safex.

This process will work on EEM versions: 8.4.x, 12.0.x and 12.51.x, and can be used to export from a EEM 8.4.x and import to a EEM 12.x server.


In order to export your Application from within the EEM UI:
-Launch the EEM UI, and select the application that you would like to export (as opposed to Global), from the Application drop down menu.
-Log in with 'EiamAdmin' as the user, and enter the password.
-Once logged in, go to: Configure->EEM Server->Export Application.
-Select the objects that you want to export, and click on Export.  A popup window will appear, asking where you would like the file to be saved to.  This will export the application in XML (.xml.gz) format.
If you have various applications that you would like to export, follow the above steps for each application.

You can follow the below instructions in order to Import your Applications and policies, using Safex.
Here is what you would need to do in order to import:
-Uncompress the exported file (.xml.gz), which will uncompress into an .xml file.
-Copy the .xml file into the same directory that Safex resides, which is in the %EIAM_HOME%\bin or $EIAM_HOME/bin.
-From a command prompt, navigate to the location of the Safex executable (%EIAM_HOME%\bin or $EIAM_HOME/bin).
-From the command prompt run the following command:
     safex.exe -h <hostname> -u <username> -p <password> -f <name_of_file.xml>
This will import your Application with it's policies to the EEM Server. 
If you have additional applications that you need import, follow the above steps for those as well.

-h is the hostname of the EEM Server
-u is the admin user for EEM, which would be ‘EiamAdmin’
-p is the password for ‘EiamAdmin’
-f is the name of the XML file that you want to import.