Export to Excel issue after Upgrading to PPM 15.5.1

Document ID : KB000124231
Last Modified Date : 08/01/2019
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Export to Excel (Data Only) does not work when the results include negative numbers. The file throws an error and is unable to be opened. Exporting this same results to CSV, exports the data and the file opens, but the negative number unexpectedly contains an apostrophe. Example: '-25. 

Steps to Reproduce: 
1. For simplicity, create a custom number attribute on the Team object (issue is reproducible with out of the box attributes as well) 
2. Go to the Team tab of an existing project and add the custom number attribute to the Team list view 
3. Type in a negative amount for this custom field on the list view, Example: -25 
4. Click on Save 
3. Click on Options - Export to Excel (Data Only) 
4. Open the downloaded file 

Expected Results: The file opens in Excel 
Actual Results: The file does not open and throws one of the following two errors: 
       "The file is corrupt and cannot be opened." OR "Problems During Load, Problems came up in the following aread during the load: Table" 
Reviewing the xls in Notepad, the -25 is being exported in an unregnizable format: 
<Data ss:Type="Number">&apos;-25</Data> 
Where it should be exported as: 
<Data ss:Type="Number">-25</Data> 
Caused by DE46372
DE46372 is currently under review by our engineering team for a resolution.