Export to Excel (Data Only) only exports the first 25,000 rows

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When trying to Export to Excel (Data Only option), only the first 25,000 rows (or other fixed values) are exported, the rest are missing.


Export to Excel (Data Only) has an implicit limit of 25,000 rows. If there are more rows, they are not exported.


PPM v13.3 patch 3 and PPM v14.1 introduced a new feature to limit the maximum rows for Export to Excel in order to prevent out-of-memory errors. 

SaaS / On Demand Customers: This limit is fixed to 25,000.


On Premise Customers: There are two different places (CSA and PPM) where this limit can be modified by the System Administrator.


For the PPM limit, go to Administration, General Settings: System Options, Other Section and edit the Maximum rows for Export to Excel value.

PPM E2E limit.png


For the CSA limit:

  • On Premise Customers: go to [server] properties > Application > Application Server, and edit the Maximum rows for Export to Excel value

CSA E2E limit.png


The setting in PPM does not override the setting in CSA, so the lowest value between the two will be the limit applied. Leaving the value to 0 or empty will disable that limit, but limiting the maximum number of rows available ensures that users cannot overwhelm application resources by exporting unlimited amounts of data. 

Additional Information:

TEC1157335 : Export to Excel (Data Only) for NSQL query based portlets only export the first 50,000 rows

TEC605767 : Clarity 13.3.0 Generic Patch available to resolve reported issues