Export Escalation Policy / Action(s) to another SOI Manager

Document ID : KB000030420
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You can use the WSSamServiceCmd.bat command to import & export escalation policies and escalation actions. This command is actually designed to import & export services, escalation policies etc., but we can edit the .xml file and use it to export only Escalation Policies.


If you only want to export escalation policies to another SOI server, execute the following steps.


1)      Run WSSamServiceCMD.bat command on the first SOI Manager from which the escalation policies need to be exported to another SOI Manager:


C:\CA\SOI\tomcat\bin>WSsamservicecmd.bat -hlocalhost:7090 -usamuser -p"<Encrypted password> “ -aExport -s* -fC:/allservicesimport.xml


Note: Run ‘WSSamEncryptCmd’ command to generate encrypted password



2)      Edit the .xml file and remove ‘<ns2:InfrastructureService>’ other tags & content, keeping only the Escalation Policy & Action tags as shown below. Add / Edit the policy details if required:


3)      Copy / move this file to the destination SOI manager and run the same command with “Import” flag as shown below:


C:\CA\SOI\tomcat\bin>WSsamservicecmd.bat -hlocalhost:7090 -usamuser -p"<Encrypted password> “ -aImport -s* -fC:/allservicesimport.xml


4)      The escalation policy / action will be created on the other SOI manager: