Explanation of use of RESCOPYT and RESCOPYS

Document ID : KB000030127
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A user setup a restore with RESCOPYTY and RESCOPYSP. 
The COPY volume was off-site at the vault and the PRIM was NOT disabled.
From the Systems Guide, RESCOPYTY/RESCOPYSP is described to:
"Select copies, but if not available or disabled, primaries can be used".
The job had to be cancelled because the COPY was not available.
The description of the RESCOPYS/RESCOPYT sysparms is a bit vague where
we say "disabled or unavailable" when what is actually meant is "DISABLED".
In the chart shown under RESCOPYS showing the actions for the various
combinations of RESCOPYT and RESCOPYS, the words "not available" must
be disregarded.  The various actions are predicated on the PRIM or COPY
"Not available" in the description is misleading and has no bearing on this
because these processes can work only with the info contained within the FILES. 
CA Disk can not reach out to other repositories like a Tape Management system.