Explanation of SMP/E HOLDDATA processing via CA Mainframe Software Manager.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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What process does CA Mainframe Software Manager use to acquire and process SMP/E HOLDDATA?


The 2 types of HOLDDATA used in CA SMP/E processing are SYSTEM and ERROR.

HOLDDATA (SYSTEM) is generated, at PTF creation, when special processing is required before or after the SYSMOD is applied. For example, this type of HOLDDATA will tell when to rebind the DB2 packages or bounce a started task. CA Mainframe Software Manager will display this HOLDDATA during the maintenance process.

HOLDDATA (ERROR) is generated when a problem is found with an existing PTF that is no longer suitable for installation (apply). This HOLDDATA cannot appear within a PTF and is placed into an external file. For example, we would place a PTF in error if it causes data corruption or DB2 to abend. When a PTF is placed in error, the original PTF is modified to include an external ".TXT" file that contains the HOLDDATA information. You can acquire this HOLDDATA when downloading a Published Solution or PTF Bucket from Support.ca.com.

Currently, CA Mainframe Software Manager 2.0 is unable to acquire and receive HOLDDATA (ERROR) and you will need to go outside of MSM to download the product's HOLDDATA from the Detailed Service Pack Information Page for the given set of tools found on Support.ca.com. An example for DB2 Tools is found here:

Sample holddata may look like this:

      PE PTF is resolved by UPAF224).

You will then need to perform the SMP/E RECEIVE of the HOLDDATA outside the scope of the CA Mainframe Software Manager product via native SMP/E JCL. Once the HOLDDATA has been received into the product's SMP/E GLOBAL zone, CA Mainframe Software Manager can then be used to perform the SMP/E APPLY of the PTF maintenance. MSM will not provide special handling to EXCLUDE or BYPASS "Hold Errors", thus any unresolved error holds will not be applied. The SMP/E output displayed by MSM will indicate each PTF that did not apply due to unresolved error holds.