Explanation of Knowledge Document Versioning in CA Service Desk Manager (SDM)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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During the entire life-cycle of a Knowledge document, there will be only 1 Primary document id associated with the document. Any new versions of the document will get a new document id depending on the user selection. This is called as Knowledge Document Versioning.

All the Document versions of a document can be accessed via the "3. History and Versions" Tab present on the Knowledge Document.



There are 2 document versioning scenarios based on which an updated document will either be available or unavailable to the end user for viewing.

Scenario 1:

The document will still be available for the end users to search for, while the new version of the document is being worked upon in the background.

Using the document versioning capabilities of Knowledge Management, an analyst with editing privileges can create a Rework-Draft version of a document. A rework version starts as a copy of the document that it has replaced in the knowledge base after it has been verified and republished. The need to unpublish the document first is avoided.

If the user wants the document to be available for search while working on a new version of the same document then "Keep Published Version Available" check-box should be ticked in the Create Rework Version form after the "Rework" Button on the Published Knowledge document is clicked.

When the "Rework" button is clicked and  the user selects "Keep Published Version Available" check-box:

  • The original Knowledge document will still be available for search with the original contents.
  • A new "document ID" (Doc ID, ID) will be generated for this Published document.
  • The status of the new document version will be "Rework Draft".
    Note: In the Knowledge Search filter, the "Draft" check-box needs to be ticked in order for this document to be included in the list of Search results when "Search" is clicked.
  • The "Version Number" of this Rework Draft document is equal to the version number of the document version that it is replacing plus 1.
    For example, if the original document is Version Number 1, then the Rework Draft version is Version Number 2.

After making the changes, when the user Publishes this new Reworked version of the document, the earlier Published document (for example, with Version Number 1) that was available for users until now is replaced by the newly published version. When this happens:

  • The document ID is still set to the original document ID, which is the ID of the replaced version of the document; it is NOT updated to the document ID of the Rework Draft. However, the content of the Published document matches the content of the reworked version of the document.
  • In the database, the skeletons table with the entry corresponding to the document ID of the Rework Draft is updated as follows: active_state is set to -101; the ver_cross_ref_id field contains the original document ID.
  • The content of the original document (for example, Version Number 1), is no longer available to the users.  

Scenario 2 :

The document will not be available for the end users to search for, while the new version of the document is being worked upon in the background.

In this scenario:

  • The user does not be select "Keep Published Version Available" check-box when the "Rework" Button on the Published Knowledge document is clicked. 
  • No "Rework Draft" of the document is created as the document will be in a "Draft" status. 
  • A new document ID is NOT generated.
  • After the changes are made and the user Publishes the document, the document, with any changed content, is then available again as a published document. 

Your use of Versioning of the Knowledge document depends on your business requirements. It is up to you, whether you want to have the published document available for search while you  make changes to it, or you want to you un-publish the document while you make the changes and then re-publish it.