Experiencing 'Exception Caught: Failed to parse json:' after upgrading to 6.1.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After a recent upgrade to 6.1(and possibly other versions), you may encounter a message similar to the following when executing certain release-center(ROC) actions:



016-06-28 11:38:36,659 [job-524303-jobServer-524303-7:_createStep(P358515.F1668215.E1668240.E1668226.E1668232.E1668247):ROC - Create Step] ERROR (com.nolio.platform.shared.datamodel.Action:101) - Exception caught. com.nolio.release.center.utils.EntityFactoryException: Failed to parse json: [{"name":"Test init 6282016","id":"1668683","applicationId":"6529","estimatedDurationMillis":"7200000","applicationName":"SP-APPS","artifactPaths":[{"id":"1668677","type":"WAR","definition":"SampleWebApplication","version":"0.0.59-SNAPSHOT-20160628-113508","versionDeleted":false,"defArchived":false,"typeArchived":false}],"approvalGates"





Any environment configuration(Database, OS, etc).




When upgrading to 6.1 from specific GA build 5.0.1b764(and of course, never count out the other possible versions of 5.0 not tested herein), the upgrade script fails to properly remove the shared release center actions jar.  This then causes a jar duplication scenario, as both 5.0 and 6.1 release center actions/data are loaded upon startup due to both being present in /actionslib directory of NAC, NES, and agent(s).




1. On the NAC, remove the following jar from %install_dir%\actionslib:


2. Re-run the failed action/deployment again, and it should now succeed.

3. If not, please verify it was removed before the run by checking both NES and Agent actionslib directories for 'release-center-shared-5.0.1.jar'.