ExecutionException: com.wily.apm.model.data.exception.TooManyRowsRetrievedException

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When using the APM SOI connector you noticed the following exception in the APMConnector log file:

connector.ApmConnector - getEdges::Exception: com.wily.apm.model.webservices.exception.ApmWebServicesException: java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException:


This is caused by significant amount of Application Triage Map data in the environment.

Verify that you have tuned the retention of Application Triage Map data as per the recommendation in the Introscope Configuration and Administration guide under the Application Triage Map data pruning section. Here is some text from the guide for your reference:

"The application triage map data in your APM database can grow over time. Excessive data in the APM database can affect Enterprise Manager retrieval of application triage map data as well as Workstation and Enterprise Manager performance. You can prune application triage map data to avoid collecting excessive map data in the APM database.

If you enable application triage map data pruning to be done on the APM database, you can configure how long map data remains in the database until it is pruned and how often you want to scheduling the pruning to occur. Map data pruning is controlled by a scheduler, which can be configured to prune data, for example, daily, weekly, or monthly.

  1. Optional: Configure these properties:

    • introscope.apm.data.preserving.time

    • introscope.apm.pruning.cron.trigger.expression

    1. Configure the introscope.apm.data.preserving.time property, which controls how long application triage map data is stored in the APM database. Map data older than the preserving time value is considered aged out, and can be pruned. The default is 365 days.

During pruning, map data that is older than the sum of the introscope.apm.data.preserving.time and Introscope.apm.data.agingTime values is deleted. For example, if the introscope.apm.data.preserving.time value is 30 days and the introscope.apm.data.agingTime value is 1 day, map data older than 30 + 1 = 31 days is deleted.

Update the value based on how often your organization adds and modifies applications, which adds application triage map data to the APM database. For more information, see introscope.apm.data.preserving.time. The default value is 365 days."

This is not a hot property and the EM needs a restart after this value is changed.

It is recommended that you tune your environment in accordance to application usage before you start the process of installing the APM SOI connector. If you change the value of introscope.apm.data.preserving.time to something that is not low enough to manage the Application Triage Map data in your environment, you may still see this exception; you would need to ensure to increase the value for introscope.apm.query.max.results property in the APMEnterpriseManager.properties file.