Executing the PDSMAN Command Processor (PDSM19) in a Batch Environment results in a S66D abend.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Running the following job results in an abend S66D with reason code 31, 'no TSO environment available'.

//DELETE     EXEC PGM=PDSM19                         
//PDSMPDS     DD   DISP=SHR,DSN=my.pds.dataset
//PDSMRPT     DD   SYSOUT=*                           
//SYSIN       DD   *                                  
DELETE ABC                                            


PDSM19 is a TSO Command Processor that requires a TSO environment for execution.

This document describes how to properly execute PDSM19 in the batch environment.

The PDSMAN (alias of PDSM19) TSO Command Processor provides a useful set of subcommands to display and modify library members.

PDSM19 is intended primary for use from the TSO ready prompt, ISPF Option 6, or option 1 from the PDSMAN ISPF Master Menu.

However, it can be executed in batch as shown in the following JCL:

//SYSTSPRT  DD SYSOUT=A                                         
//SYSTSIN   DD   *                                              
PDSM19 'my.pds.dataset'                                       
DELETE ABC                                                   

Note that there are other options for deleting members in a batch job, such as the PDSMAN FastCopy EDITDIR function, that are preferred to using PDSM19.


Additional Information:

For more information about PDSM19 please refer to the chapter "PDSMAN Command Processor" in the CA-PDSMAN PDS Library Management - Productivity Tools Reference.