EXEC VARA does not pass Values to Child Executable Object

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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EXEC VARA does not pass values to the child executable object.


The  SCRI should print the values of the parameters defined in the VARA, for example:

20160726 14:53:12 U00020206 Variable '&RESULT#' was stored with value ''.
20160726 14:53:12 U00020206 Variable '&VAR2#' was stored with value ''.
20160726 14:53:12 U00020206 Variable '&VAR3#' was stored with value ''.
20160726 14:53:12 U00020408 Variable 1:
20160726 14:53:12 U00020408 Variable 2:
20160726 14:53:12 U00020408 Variable 3:
The dynamic variable EXEC can be used as an intermediary, carrying out a readout of return values of executed objects, which may affect the subsequent execution of objects or trigger the execution of objects. As a user, you can store these readouts in the script variables defined in EXEC. EXEC itself has no input parameters.
You can use the dynamic Variable object EXEC in order to read and pass on the values of another executable object. In this case, the parameters in the dynamic Variable object EXEC must use the same names as are used in the PromptSet of the executable object that supplies the return codes.


To pass parameter values from a VARA EXEC object to an EXECUTABLE object the following steps are mandatory.
  1. The name of the variables in the parameter list must be the same in the executable object.
  1. To map the values from the VARA EXEC into the EXECUTABLE object you need a separate PROMPTSET object.  Each parameter in the VARA EXEC should be defined as a character field with the same name in the VARA EXEC but without leading ‘&’ (e.g. PARAM2# instead of &PARAM2#).
This PromptSet object must be assigned to the executive object:
Test Case:
  • EXECUTABLE object
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Root Cause: The section of the documentation describing EXEC VARA objects will be enhanced to include this information.
Update to a fix version listed below or a newer version if available where the documentation has been updated.

It is not necessary to use a PromptSet with the child executable object.  It is also sufficient to use :READ statements in the pre-process or process tab of the child executable object.


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