Excluding a specific Agent, JVM, or metric from a Metric Grouping.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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 Use the negative lookahead assertion in the regular expression of the Metric Grouping to exclude a branch of the metric tree. The negative lookahead  assertion, "?!", excludes all metrics matching that fragment at that location in the regular expression.


 How to exclude the a specific Agent/JVM from a metric grouping?

Any supported APM Release.

For example, if you have the following agents and want to exclude the "ConnectionStatus" of ima_q01:

 SuperDomain|Custom Metric host|Custom Metric Process|Custom Metric Agent|Agents|imawasq01|ima_q01|ima_q01:ConnectionStatus=1

  SuperDomain-Custom Metric host|Custom Metric Process|Custom Metric Agent|Agents|imawasq01|imastage_q01|imastage_q01:ConnectionStatus=1


Use the following regular expression in the metric grouping to achieve this:

  • Management Module Agent Expression: (.*)\|(.*)\|(.*)\|(.*) (selects all agents and all metrics)
  • Metric Expressions: Agents\|(.*)\|(.*)\|(?!ima_q01)([^\-:]*):ConnectionStatus