exchange_monitor fails to generate alarms when Submission Queue Length excceeds configured threshold

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Last Modified Date : 07/01/2019
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Configure the exchange_monitor probe to monitor the Submission Queue Length and generate an alarm when the metric (QOS_EXCHANGE_TRANS_ROLE_SUBMISSION QUEUE LENGTH) value is > 100.

The Exchange team observed that the submission queue contained more than 1000 messages, but the exchange_monitor probe failed to generate an alarm..

Reported by the Exchange team.
Identity                                    DeliveryType    Status    MessageCount    NextHopDomain
VP-V-EXCH-001\Submission    Undefined    Ready    1536                            Submission
UIM Server:  9.02 and earlier

exchange_monitor: any version through 5.32
Exchange server:  any supported release
Configuration issue with the perfmon->profiles->Submission Queue Length profile when the corresponding Windows Performance Monitor counter has multiple instances.  The probe will pull the value of the first instance and if that is not the _total instance, the wrong metric is monitored.
1. From the exchange_monitor probe's Raw Configure GUI, expand the perfmon, then the profiles folders and select the Submission Queue Length folder in the left-hand pane
2. In the right-hand pane, Add the following new key value:

instance = _total

3. Apply the changes and restart the exchange_monitor probe.
Additional Information:
Addressed in the exchange_monitor (Microsoft Exchange Monitoring Release Notes->Troubleshooting section of this Wiki page.