Events in CAPC not displaying in Spectrum

Document ID : KB000048384
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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CAPC 2.3.2 has been successfully integrated with Spectrum 9.3.0, and Spectrum is listed as available. However, 'Threshold Violation' events in CAPC are not being displayed in Spectrum.


Please check the ca/spectrum/tomcat/lib directory on the Spectrum server and confirm that there is only one neethi-[version].jar file. For Spectrum 9.3, this is neethi-3.0.2.jar. If any other version of the file exists, rename it (for example, neethi-2.0.4.jar.old) and restart Tomcat services.

If there is an older version of the jar file, most likely it is a legacy of an earlier version of Spectrum that should have been removed during an upgrade but for some reason remained on the system. When there are two or more versions of the same jar in the class path, the system will randomly pick one to work with.