EventProcSleepTime - can it be used to prevent the scheduler from processing startjobs and let it just process success events?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How long can we set the interval between database polls when the scheduler does not find an event to process. 

We want to find a way to stop the scheduler from starting any new jobs/box/file watchers from running yet leave the Scheduler up so that any running jobs complete and post SUCCESS status to the Database. 

Is that possible with this Setting in the config file?


Workload Automation AE 11.xPlatform - ANYDatabase -ANY

EventProcSleepTime changes the amount of time that the event_demon will sleep if it does not find a event in the database for it to process before waking up to check the database for events again. If it is not set, it defaults to 5 seconds. This value is set in seconds. 

Adjusting EventProcSleepTime is not going to help in regards to limiting the scheduler to only the processing of SUCCESS events.

If you need the scheduler up to process incoming SUCCESS events but do not want it starting anything else then you would want to start the scheduler in global auto hold mode (GlobalAutoHold). That would allow the scheduler to still process the incoming SU event but for other events such as STARTJOBs, the scheduler would process the event but not run the job. It would place it on hold.

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