Event Message with garbage/junk characters for cldcClientMacAddress and cldcApMacAddress varbinds

Document ID : KB000093026
Last Modified Date : 25/04/2018
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Garbage character in the cldcClientMacAddress and cldcApMacAddress fields.

This notification is generated when the client on NAC enabled SSIDs complete layer2 authentication . This is to inform about client's presence to the NAC appliance. 
cldcClientWlanProfileName represents the profile name of the WLAN, this 802.11 wireless client is connected to. 
cldcClientIPAddress represents the unique ipaddress of the client. 
cldcApMacAddress represents the MacAddress of the AP to which the client is associated. 
cldcClientQuarantineVLAN represents the quarantine VLAN for the client. 
cldcClientAccessVLAN represents the access VLAN for the client. 

cldcClientMacAddress = ?\???? 
cldcClientWlanProfileName = XXXXXXXX 
cldcClientIPAddress = 
cldcApMacAddress = ,Z ? 
cldcClientQuarantineVLAN = 0 
cldcClientAccessVLAN = 1053 
cldcClientAuthMode = ","System","","","0x210e25","GnCiscoDev","10" 
CA Spectrum 10.2.3
This issue has been addressed in the following patch. Please contact CA Spectrum Support:
For Spectrum 10.2.3, the fix is delivered in Spectrum_10.02.03.PTF_10.2.309 patch