Even though the special NX_ALLOW_COMMENT_VIA_UPDATE_STATUS environment variable is installed, Update Status requires the Status to be changed.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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With some earlier versions and patch levels of CA Service Desk Manager, with a particular environment variable installed, it had been possible for analysts to use Update Status for purposes that do not include updating the Status of the Incident, Request, or Problem. 

The product design variation was achieved by applying a test patch and installing the environment variable, ALLOW_COMMENT_VIA_UPDATE_STATUS with a value of Yes.  In the NX.env file, the entry appears as the following:


With the patch applied and the environment variable enabled, when using Update Status, it was not necessary to select a new status for the ticket; the Status Change form for a ticket could be successfully saved even when the Current Status and the New Status were the same.

The screenshot below shows that "Update Status" is available from the "Activities" menu item of the Incident Detail form:


Note: Notice that "Log Comment" is also available from the Activities dropdown.

After clicking on "Update Status...", the Status Change form is displayed.  The following screenshot shows an out-of-the-box Status Change form:



Notice that there is a read-only field named "Current Status" and a field named "New Status".

With the design variation, if both status values are the same, clicking "Save" is successful.


Without the design variation, if both status values are the same, clicking "Save" results in the error message (as in the screenshot that follows):

'New Status' needs to be different than 'Current Status'.



In a CA Service Desk Manager 14.1 environment, even with a test patch containing the solution to USRD 2213 applied and with the environment variable, NX_ALLOW_COMMENT_VIA_UPDATE_STATUS installed and set to Yes, the Update Status operation for an incident, request or problem ticket requires the status to be changed. 

Why does the environment variable no longer work?

CA Service Desk Manager 14.1

The environment variable, NX_ALLOW_COMMENT_VIA_UPDATE_STATUS, implemented a design variation that is not aligned with the intended design of the product.  The variation had not been integrated in the permanent product code. 

Starting with CA Service Desk Manager 14.1.03, the variation is not possible as no test patch would be made available to implement it. 

Even in versions earlier than 14.1.03, depending on the operating system platform, a test patch may not have been created.  No new test patches would be created for any versions or patch levels of CA Service Desk Manager.  The design variation is discouraged.

Additional Information:

The design variation was not available in the earlier versions, other than in a test patch.

To log a comment in a ticket, the "Log Comment" operation is available. 

Any customized form, such as request_status_code.htmpl, or any custom code which depends on the variation would need to be reviewed and modified.