Eureka Report Server Printer Setup

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Setting up the Printer in Report Server Manager

Start by opening the Report Server Manager and connecting to your database. Click on the Configuration tab. Expand the ApplicationServer folder and find the application server where you want to define the printer. Expand that folder and highlight the Printers folder. Right click on the Printers folder and chose insert. On the right side of the screen, enter the full path to your printer on the PrinterName line. Enter a description on the description line. The printer name and description will be shown on the client's machine when submitting a job. Finally, right click on the new printer folder on the left and chose apply. So now you should see a screen similar to the following:

Figure 1

To find the full path to your printer, go to Start>Printers and find the printer that you want to use. The printer name should be in the form of "<Printer> on <Server>". In Report Server Manager, you will use the format \\<server>\<printer> on the PrinterName line.

Submitting a job to print from Report Designer

Now exit Report Server Manager. On the client machine, go to Report Designer and to File>Report Server>Submit. On the Submit Job tab, set the output type to print. Configure the Job Settings tab to suit your needs. On the Server Info tab, type in your server name and click connect. Once connected, chose the application server where you just setup your printer. Click the drop down list for Server Printer and you should see your printer. Chose your printer. See the screen print below:

Figure 2

Now click Submit Job. The job will now print to the Report Server printer.