ETPKI Handshake Error in Selang

Document ID : KB000005926
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When in the selang environment and attempting to host to another system, an error is generated regarding a handshake failure.


# selang

AC> host

Handshake failed ETPKI socket error(0X110001) 


The issue occurs due to the two instances having a different communication modes on each system. One system is configured for SSL communication while the other is not, which causes a handshake error between systems.


To resolve the issue, ensure that the communication_mode value matches for both systems.


On Linux:

1- Stop PIM daemons.

2- Open seos.ini and go to the crypto section.

3- Change communication_mode to the desired value.


On Windows:

1- Stop PIM services.

2- Open regedit and look for the section below.


3- Change communication_mode to the desired value.

Additional Information:

For more information regarding communication_mode and other cryptography configurations, please refer to the Implementation Guide.