ESMPROC failing after IPL with CC=100. java.lang.ClassNotFoundException

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Last Modified Date : 06/03/2019
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ESMPROC is failing with a CC=100. The Java stack trace contains: 
Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:
PTF SO05223 was implemented.

PTF SO05223 upgraded the ESM Microservice from v1 to v2. This new version contains new features that require Java classes from "ccsopjex.jar", which provide heartbeat information to OPSMVS utilities. The ESMENV file that is shipped with SO05223 includes variables for this .jar file.
The ++HOLD delivered with SO05223 provides instruction to save the customized version of ESMENV (if running out of the target libraries) as the application of this PTF will overwrite this member. After application of the PTF port current ESMENV values into the new ESMENV. 

Customize and use updated ESMENV member that was delivered with this PTF. The updated member contains additional statements to coincide with the delivered enhancements.