Error: "WSP is already running on computer {serverName}"

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When opening Web Screen Painter, you receive an error message similar to the one below that states "WSP is already running on computer" with the name of the current server.
Screenshot of the error message encountered when the Web Screen Painter process is already running.



This symptom appears on the server where Web Screen Painter is installed. Typically, this would be your Background or Primary server.


This message occurs because the Web Screen Painter process is already running, and cannot start a second instance. This could be because the program is already open in the background, or did not fully close the last time it was exited. 
Note: In Service Desk Manager version 12.6 and earlier, this error can occur when Web Screen Painter is closed with the red X button, rather than using File > Exit. In this case, the Web Screen Painter process does not correctly terminate, and must be manually ended in order to open a new instance of Web Screen Painter.


Ensure that Web Screen Painter is not currently open or in use by another user. If the program does not appear to be open or in use, you can manually terminate the Web Screen Painter process with the steps below:
- Open Task Manager to the Processes tab. Locate any instances of the java.exe process.
- If you are using Windows Server 2012, expand the dropdown caret next to each java.exe process (if present) until you locate the Web Screen Painter process. Close the process with the End Task button. See the screenshot below for an example. (If none of your java processes have a dropdown caret, or you are otherwise unable to locate the java process for Web Screen Painter, select the Details tab in Task Manager, and proceed to the next step.)
Task Manager screenshot from Windows Server 2012. Locate the java process with Web Screen Painter under its' dropdown caret, and terminate that process.
- If you are using an earlier version of Windows Server, identify the java.exe process that was started by a user, rather than by SYSTEM. Right click on this process, and select End Process. See the screenshot below for an example.
Task Manager screenshot from Windows Server 2008. Locate the java.exe process that was initiated by a user (not SYSTEM) and end the process.
- Once the process has been terminated, attempt to open Web Screen Painter again. If you still receive the message, repeat these steps for other instances of java.exe that were initiated by a user.
Note: Be careful not to terminate any java processes that were initiated by SYSTEM, especially any processes named javaw.exe. These processes are responsible for Service Desk Manager functionality in the background, and can cause loss of data or functionality if they are inadvertently terminated.