Error while running Alarm or Event reports Jaspersoft Spectrum

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Last Modified Date : 15/10/2018
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Hi, I seem to be getting a very similar behaviour as described in KB000116273, but in my case, both SRM server and CABI server are in the same timezone, and time is synchronized with NTP. I also get the same behaviour no matter where I run the report from (form CABI server itself or from remote client). Both servers run on Windows 2012 R2. Whatever Alarm or Event report I chose, when the parameter panel should show up, I get an cryptic error message. Checking the jaspersoft Tomcat log and there is a lengthy exception seen in the log

ERROR GenericExceptionMapper,http-nio-80-exec-1:50 - Unexpected error occurs 
net.sf.jasperreports.engine.JRException: Errors were encountered when compiling report expressions class file: 
1. Only a type can be imported. resolves to a package 
The Jaspersoft > Spectrum integration is missing components
re-run spectrumConfigInstaller.jar per the integration steps listed here:

CA Spectrum and CABI JasperReports Server Integration

The Jasper Integration page in the CA Spectrum OneClick administration page allows you to enter the required parameters and enable the integration between CA Spectrum and CABI JasperReports Server.

Prerequisites for the Integration 

Prior to integrating SRM with CABI JasperReports Server, you must download and install the 'Integration Components' on your CABI JasperReports Server. The 'Integration Components' lays down the CA Spectrum specific content in CABI JasperReports Server and helps to successfully enable the integration. If you do not install the integration components, the integration may not work properly.

 Installing the Integration Components 

 Follow these steps to install and configure the Integration Components on CABI JasperReports Server:

  1. Launch the CA Spectrum OneClick web console and click the Administration tab.

  2. Click the Report Manager link.

  3. Select the Jasper Integration option from the Report Manager Admin Tools.
    The Jasper Integration page appears. 

  4. Click the 'Integration Components' link on the Jasper Integration page.
    The spectrumConfigInstaller.jar file is downloaded to the Downloads folder in your computer.

    Note: If the JasperReports server is on a Linux computer and it does not support GUI, then download the spectrumConfigInstaller.jar from a Windows computer as mentioned in Step 4. Place the downloaded spectrumConfigInstaller.jar file on the Jasper Linux computer and proceed with the following steps.

  5. Using the command prompt, run the following command: 
    <CABI Install folder path>\java\bin\java -jar <spectrumConfigInstaller.jar file path>\spectrumConfigInstaller.jar -install
    Example: <CABI Install folder path>\java\bin\java -jar C:\Users\Admin\Downloads\spectrumConfigInstaller.jar -install

    Enter the CABI Apache-Tomcat Home Location:
    Example: C:\Program Files\CA\SC\CA Business Intelligence\apache-tomcat 

    Enter the CABI Webapp Name (Default: jasperserver-pro):
    Ex: jasperserver-pro

    The setup progress takes some time. During this process, the following files are deployed at jasperTomcat on the JasperReports Server:


    After the pre-Installation process is complete, restart the Jasper tomcat server to complete the configuration.

Note: Once Jasper server is up and running click on Re-deploy from the Jasper Integration page.

Additional Information:
The error is similar to what is shown in this KB - and if timezone of the servers is a match, try the above solution.