What is Dynamic Allocation Error Code 4714 mean?

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Last Modified Date : 05/12/2018
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APPLY CHECK fails with the following: 

SERIOUS - data set allocation failed 
Summary: MME0211S - Dynamic allocation of output data set CA.CSM.TEMP.R13.SMPLIST failed. DD: SMPLIST Storage Class: null Management Class: null Data Class: null Volser: ISS112 Unit: 3390 RC: 0x4 Error code: 0x4714 Info code: 0x41D. Reason: Dynamic allocation of the data set failed. 

Additional Messages: 
MMR0200I - MME0251I CA CSM executor CAGIMSMP finished. CA CSM jobname: MSMTC , CAGIMSMP jobname: ET42299 , Spool jobname: BPXAS, job ID: S0060736, PID: 50331806 

What is the definition of the Error Code 4714 ?

Switching to a volser with adequate space available resolved the problem.

Below is the definition of 4714 from the  IBM® Knowledge Center 
Interpreting error reason codes from DYNALLOC
4714Meaning: More space was requested than is available on the DASD volume, or the DASD volume's VTOC is full, or the DASD volume's VTOC Index (VTOCIX) is full. (environmental error)

Application programmer action: Check the validity of the track quantity specified on the space quantity specification text unit keys. If it was incorrect, change it. If it was correct, change the request to a different volume. Resubmit the request. System programmer action: Enlarge the VTOC or VTOCIX as necessary.

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