Error when trying to view PDF report in OM Web Viewer

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Last Modified Date : 12/09/2018
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Recently upgraded to 12.1.6 Build 184 (from build 65) and now when user tries to open a PDF report, they get a pop up window stating "Error While Trying to Browse PDF report". User was able to open report in previous builds. I see no errors in the CA Spool Java Transformer started task (in our case CAIQD2E) and only one "warning" message in the CASPOOL log, ESF4160 RC=4, Description=The task has completed successfully, but one or more warning conditions have been met Attaching several screen shots and the pertinent part of the CA Spool log. 1) tra12mtb.png - shot of original report 2) error message.png - pop up received 3) java transformer log.png - messages in CAIQD2E task showing report has been transformed 4) tra12mtb.docx - CA Spool started task log showing report being transformed with a ESF4160 RC=4 message. Not sure what other places to look for any errors or what other information you need to trouble shoot.
change the Remote Connection Timeout parm from 60 to 999). There is only one report that's still an issue. It is 78k pages (2 million lines). things to try to speed up viewing: • If /xenos/input/output/reports directories are allocated on a HFS/NFS file system try to move them to a ZFS file system. • If that does not help, try to move /xenos/input/output/reports directories to a TFS file system in virtual storage. See Performance Considerations at