Error When Trying to Use Remote Control

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Last Modified Date : 11/06/2018
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Remote Control is unique in the ITCA / ITCM product as it has multiple locations a user has to be set up in order to use remote control at all. If all are not taken care of then Remote Control (RC) will not work.
RC setup can be non-intuitive to set up compared to the other components of CA Client Automation
Any supported OS running DSM Explorer
In order to use remote control, permissions must be set up in both Security Profiles as well as in a chosen RC address book in DSM Explorer.

When configuring any new Security Profile in DSM Explorer, most people are able to find the item called 'Remote Control Access' and infer that it is required for someone to use remote control. Once a profile has rights on that level, a Remote Control (RC) address book must be defined. This is required for ITCA / ITCM to know which member(s) of a computer group will allow a user to take remote control of that system(s).

The simplest way to set up the address book is to browse to "All Computers and Users" and then "All Computers". Expand that and find "{Group Details}" and then expand that. Here you will find an item called "Remote Control Permissions*. Right-click this item and select "add user".

Use the dialog boxes to add any number of users or user groups to the Remote Control "address book'" for that computer group.

You can further customize what a user or user group can do via RC to computers in that group by right-clicking the added user now visible in the Remote Control Permissions area and selecting properties. Here several items that further define or restrict what can be done with RC can be found and you can select check-boxes for 'Allow' or 'Deny' as appropriate for your environment.

NOTE: After setting up Security Profiles and Remote Control Address Book items, it may be necessary to restart the DSM Explorer before all setting will properly take effect.

*A similar item can be found under any computer group. If you wish to choose only a subset of all computers for remote control access, you can set this up under a custom computer group instead of under "All Computers". You can also set up different groups to allow a user access to only the machines in a particular group and other users access to computers in a different group etc..