Error when running the Spectrum post install script on Linux

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Last Modified Date : 11/12/2018
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The Spectrum script on Linux fails for lack of disk space. However, running "df -k" shows plenty of disk space available for running the script.
Running the on Linux after upgrading to Spectrum 10.3.0.
The script uses "df $SPECROOT | awk '{print $4}'| tail -1" to determine free disk space. When run on the system, the result is the percentage used (in this case 22%) not the the available disk as expected. In this case, the available disk is the third parameter not the fourth as the script is expecting.
Modify the script to use the third parameter not the fourth.

1. Make a backup of the script 

2. Edit the script 
    a. Look for the line that reads "$FREE_DISK_SPACE = `df $SPECROOT | awk '{print \$4}'| tail -1`; #size in KB" 
    b. Change it to read "$FREE_DISK_SPACE = `df $SPECROOT | awk '{print \$3}'| tail -1`; #size in KB" 

3. Rerun the script
Additional Information:
Please reference the "Post Upgrade Tasks" section of the documentation for more information.