Error when routing request message via HTTP(S): "Ignoring form parameters due to invalid content"

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The Layer 7 Gateway has certain protocols in place to ensure that it does not receive messages from an HTTP POST that are too large or transmit messages that may be too large for an endpoint. The Gateway has a hard cap set for the size of an inbound request form parameter of an HTTP POST of 600,000 characters Typically, form parameters operations should not be this large but this procedure will allow an administrator to permit large form parameters in request messages. This behavior was previously documented in development incident SSG-5596.


The following error message may occur when routing a request with a long form parameter:
com.l7tech.message.HttpServletRequestKnob a: Ignoring form parameters due to invalid content Field exceeds configured maximum field length of 600000 characters?


It is necessary to increase the value for the maxParameterLength system property to allow larger form parameters. To increase this value, perform the following procedure:
  1. Log into the Gateway appliance as the ssgconfig user.
  2. Select Option #3: Use a privileged shell (root).
  3. Open the following file in a text editor: /opt/SecureSpan/Gateway/node/default/etc/conf/
  4. Append the following line: com.l7tech.http.maxParameterLength=800000
  5. Save the file and exit
  6. Restart the Gateway service.
This change will need to be incorporated on all nodes in the cluster to ensure that each node has the configuration. Once the change is made and all nodes are restarted, the large message will be accepted.