ERROR pdm_mail_nxd - SMTP RCPT command failed Error (401) Bad address syntax

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Last Modified Date : 05/10/2018
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An error related to the pdm_mail_nxd process starts to be logged into the SDM standard logs frequently, affecting sslump_nxd.exe which sometimes consumes 100% memory. Recycling pdm_mail_nxd.exe solves the issue temporarily, but the behavior reoccurs.

Example of SDM log message:

pdm_mail_nxd        ##### ERROR        hunny_mail_intf.c     #### ThrdLogger Sess:######:# SMTP RCPT command failed Error (401) Bad address syntax
CA Service Desk Manager 14.1
CA Service Desk Manager 17.x
This could be caused by a bad sender email address, which is reported by SMTP mail server as recipient failure - bad address syntax.
Review the SDM Email options located under Administration >> Options manager >> Email.
Check if there is any email address in the email options containing spaces, then remove the spaces and save the value again.

At "mail_from_address" value, change from:
Service Desk<>

Note: it is also possible that if you modify the value back by including the space in email address alias name, the error messages did not occur again.