Error message DB00205E - MULTI-USER ERROR - 1074 received when starting Datacom/DB Multi-user

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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DATACOM/AD 11.0 load libraries were added to LINKLIST. Now when starting DATACOM/DB Multi-user the following error message is produced: DB00205E - MULTI-USER ERROR - 1074
When removing the DATACOM/AD load libraries from the LINKLIST the Datacom/DB Multi-user starts just fine.


From Datacom/DB Message Guide r11:

1074 Explanation:                     User response:                         
The specified libraries are not       The DATACOM Multi-User startup option 
compatible with the Multi-User        must have AD specified for            
startup option DATACOM value.         CA-Datacom/AD or TR specified for     
                                      Advantage CA-Datacom TR Option. For an
                                      Advantage CA-Datacom/DB system, you 
                                      cannot use libraries built during the 
                                      installation of a different system 

The problem is that during startup the Multi-user tries to determine if it is running in AD mode by loading certain Datacom/AD modules. Now that the Datacom/AD load libraries are in the LINKLIST, the load of these modules is successful so the Datacom/DB Multi-user thinks it is running in AD mode.

The only way to resolve the problem is to remove the Datacom/AD load libraries from the LINKLIST.