Error log is showing Garbage characters

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Last Modified Date : 07/05/2018
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Tandem box is running with Autosys agent 11.3.1.
Mainframe box is attempted to talk to Tandem  box.
One of the steps was to enable encryption between these  boxes.
The Agent is working properly, However the LOG is showing garbage characters.

2018-04-21 23:36 EVENT DETAIL Page 1 END 

2018-04-21 23:35:56 \NBBKP4.$CARMT:1598779577 CAI-UNI.142.10 000 Message 
╢⌡╟p{v$╘ΘmΘbr_HyEa≤%╦╧_╚╜AΓσú⌐p - Unknown manager. 

How to stop these garbage messages coming to EMS log?
OS: J06 21.01 on NSK Tandem box. 
CAWA: 11.3.1 
 If you are trying to configure mainframe to talk to NSK box then please check to see if encryption is enabled on mainframe side.
If it is then you need to turn encryption off. 11.3.1 is an old agent and so it will not work with DE-Series.
Solution is to install latest Autosys System agent 11.4 on your Tandem box.