Error "INVALID, AHD10287:A folder with the same name already exist" when attaching a file to a CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Knowledge Document

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In situations where users are unable to attach documents to a CA SDM Knowledge Document are receive the following error:

"INVALID, AHD10287: A folder with the same name already exists"


This document applies to SDM 12.x and 14.1.


There are two possible causes:

  1. There may be duplicate folders;
  2. The Quick Upload entry in the Attachments table has type = 2.


1. Check for any duplicate folders, most specifically the repository "Quick Upload" folder.



The attachments folder is under NX_ROOT\site\attachments. You should check for any duplicate folder name and remove them.  Note that in a multi-tenancy environment it is possible to have different configurations for each one (it will depend on how you have set that). Just make sure you are not going to delete a folder which is in use.



2. Check if the Quick Upload entry in the Attachments table has type = 2. 

  • Run pdm_extract on the Attachments table: 




  • Edit the file and check if type = 2 for the "Quick Upload" folder name.

Check attachments table output

In the example above, folder_type = 0. 

Before changing the value, a backup copy of folder.txt file should be done.

Next, change the value to 2 and save the changes.


  • Update the table by running pdm_userload:

Updating the changes

  • Next, run a refresh on the table to make the changes available.

Table refresh


Additional Information:


NX_ROOT refers to the SDM installation folder.