Error in Log after Update of Sharepoint Agent to 12.52 SP01 CR07

Document ID : KB000076588
Last Modified Date : 17/04/2018
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After upgrading the Sharepoint Agent from 12.52-sp01-cr05 to 12.52-sp01-cr07, we are now getting the following error in smagent_esn.log: 

[99667/89897840][Mon Aug 07 2017 17:19:38][CSmResponseManager.cpp:222][ERROR][sm-AgentFramework-00460] HLA: Analyzer from module 'SM_WAF_SESSIONLINKER_PLUGIN' 

returned unknown response code '-1' for component 'Response Manager' 

How can we resolve this?
Sharepoint Agent 12.52SP1CR07 build 2260 on RedHat 6.9 64bit; 
This issue has been fixed in 12.52 Sp1 CR8 Sharepoint Agent
Additional Information:

This fix has been delivered in the 12.52 Sp1 CR8 Sharepoint Agent and NOT the 12.52 Sp1 CR8​ Webagent