Error 'DPM225303' In Deployment Wizard on Remote Explorer

Document ID : KB000028782
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After opening the deployment wizard, when trying to advance from the introduction page to the job type page we get the error message:

An error occurred connecting to the deployment manager. Click help for more information (dpm225303)


Check the Domain Manager's  DSM\logs\TRC_CF_DMDEPLOY_0.log file and verify if you see messages like this regarding the remote machine that is getting that message dpm225303.

Sample from log:

191114-15:09:21.7061176L|004704|00001cd4|DMDeploy|DmDeploy|ccam.cpp |000407|DETAIL|Connected to CAM server.

191114-15:09:21.7061464L|004704|00001cd4|DMDeploy|DmDeploy|ccam.cpp|000410|DETAIL|CAM queue name is CAI004704-00022

191114-15:09:21.7061718L|004704|00001cd4|DMDeploy|DmDeploy|ccam.cpp|000627|DETAIL|Sending type DSM_2_API_VERSION to CAM queue CAI010908-00013 on machine %SERVERNAME%

191114-15:09:21.7066802L|004704|00001cd4|DMDeploy|DmDeploy|ccam.cpp|000240|ERROR|CAM unable to resolve the remote hostname. 

NOTE: %SERVERNAME% should be the remote explorer machines host name



The way to fix this is to ensure that the IP address , short hostname and fully qualified domain names are resolving ok between the Domain manager machine and the remote explorer.

You should check the DNS entries on the Domain Name Server or you can bypass DNS by editing the hosts file located in the Windows\System32\drivers\etc and add the IP address , FQDN and short name.

sample entry          some_host

Relaunch the remote DSM Explorer and go back into the Deployment Wizard and you should then be able to successfully connect to the Deployment Manager.