Error when running the Create and Update Jaspersoft Users Job

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Last Modified Date : 24/01/2019
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When going to Advanced Reporting in PPM, the user gets error ERROR 401 - User not registered. 

When attempting to run the admin update japserParameters command and 

when attempting to run the job 'Create and Update Jaspersoft Users', the job failed with the error:

"Failed to get an instance of ClarityJasperAdmin :: Exception getting ClarityJasperAdmin : Unauthorized access to http://jasperserver:8080/reportservice with username ppmjasperadmin"
PPM 15.x
Typically this problem is caused by the Jasper keystore being out of sync between PPM servers and Jasper servers.  However, even after regenerating the keystore and replacing it on the Jasper server, and the additional PPM nodes, the problem is sometimes not resolved. The exact root-cause of the problem is not fully known.  There have been reports of rare occurrences where the "ppmjasperadmin" user record gets corrupt, and leads to additional symptoms such as not being able to run jobs, or access advanced reporting.
The only known solution for this problem is to perform the following steps in the exact order:
- renamed the "ppmjasperadmin" user in ppm user to "OLD_ppmjasperadmin"
- Log into Jasper and delete the existing organization (the same one set in CSA in PPM for Reporting)
  http://jasperserver:8080/reportservice (you will find the jasper server under Administration > General Settings > System Options > ​Advanced Reporting)
- stop services on ALL ppm servers
- run the following query against the niku database to remove the Jasper CSK rows from the cmn_install_history table: 
 delete from cmn_install_history where install_id='contentPack::csk::jaspersoft'; commit; 
- start ppm on the server where CSA runs
- check CSA to ensure that the reporting shows as "available"
- run the admin jaspersoft keystore command to generate the keystore files, and copied the keystore files to the jasper server, and to the other PPM node as well, and then recycle jasper server
- then we ran the jasper CSK: admin content-jaspersoft csk -userName superuser -password <password>
- check to ensure that the PPM "admin" user had all advanced reporting permissions
- run the Create and Update Japser Users job and ensure it finishes successfully
- we then restarted the PPM services
- re-run the Create and Update Jasper users job, the Timeslicing job, the Load Data Warehouse job, and the Load Data Warehouse Access Rights job, and ensure that all are complete
- recycle both Jasper and PPM services
- log into PPM and go to advanced reporting
- go to the reports list and select a report to run
Additional Information:
See Jasper installation instructions here for more info: