"Error AHD05072: Security settings prevent viewing this record" and request not saved/created by Employee user.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A request created by Employee sometimes is not really saved in the database when clicking on Save button, even if a message stating that the request was successfully created is displayed.

Clicking on the link displayed on the Employee home page to go in the detail page of that request, the following message is displayed:

"Error AHD05072: Security settings prevent viewing this record"

All the data entered at the time of the creation are lost.

The problem is solved by testfix/cumulative, depending on the release of Service Desk, by the solution provided for the problem USRD 3399.

If for any reason the solution for USRD 3399 cannot be installed, the following workaround could be used.



USRD 14.1



1. - Open via Web Screen Painter the 'load_properties.htmpl' from the location NX_ROOT\bopcfg\www\htmpl\default

2. - Make the necessary code changes in order to have the file containing the following:



<html lang="<PDM_I18N>en</PDM_I18N>">      <head>




var cat_err_msg = '<PDM_FMT ESC_STYLE=C PAD=NO>${AlertMsg:}</PDM_FMT>';

var sink = void(0);


window.onload = function()




if(typeof parent.toolbarTab != "undefined" && parent.toolbarTab.length > 0 &&

typeof parent.ahdframeset.frames["product"].frames[parent.toolbarTab[parent.toolbarCurrentTab].id] != "undefined")


parent.ahdframeset.ahdframe = parent.ahdframeset.frames["product"].frames[parent.toolbarTab[parent.toolbarCurrentTab].id];


else if(typeof parent.ahdframeset.frames["product"].frames["role_main"] != "undefined" && parent.ahdframeset.ahdframe != "role_main")


parent.ahdframeset.ahdframe = parent.ahdframeset.frames["product"].frames["role_main"];



sink = parent.ahdframeset.ahdframe.sink;

if (cat_err_msg != "" && cat_err_msg != "updateOK")








<PDM_INCLUDE FILE="dyn_properties.htmpl">






3. - Save and publish the changes (in Web Screen Painter)

4. - Run pdm_webcache –H


Additional Information:


For more details about the fix available for this problem, please open a CA Support case, and reference the Problem "USRD 3399".