Error adding a linux host to rsp

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Last Modified Date : 10/01/2019
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When attempting to add a host to the RSP probe, it fails and the logs contain the following error:

Mar 15 09:05:51:620 [1820] rsp: find_lua_details: Exact match not found. Searching for base OS commands

The logs show that the probe is able to connect/authenticate with the host, but is then unable to find the base OS commands.
This was discovered using UIM 8.51 and RSP 5.30, but the information here is generally applicable to most versions of UIM / RSP.
This issue is caused because the RSP lua scripts do not contain the appropriate entry for the targeted OS.
In the GUI for the RSP probe, click on the 'show LUA editor' button. 
This is the button with a green pen in the middle of top of the GUI.
Click on the OS.lua script.

Navigate to the appropriate OS section, i.e. Linux or AIX, and add the version of the target system.
For example, in this case, we wanted to monitor OpenSuse 42.1. The uname command returns the following:
Linux 4.1.27-27

In the OS.lua file, add an entry for the OS version in question. For example, with Linux 4.1.27-27, we add:
elseif left(Revision,3) == "4.1" then 
OS = "LINUX_4.1" 
OS_version = "4.1" 

This should look like the other entries in the list, but with the new version information included.
This will allow the probe to authenticate and then pull the appropriate OS commands to add the host to the configuration.

Another example is VMWare Photon Linux
'uname -r' returns  4.4.115-1.ph1

added this to the lua script
elseif left(Revision,3) == "4.4" then 
OS = "LINUX_4.4" 
OS_version = "4.4"