Error 500 on Browse in custom attribute - dynamic lookup on object Properties page

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Last Modified Date : 21/06/2018
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When going to object properties page, clicking on the custom lookup Browse icon, a popup opens with message:
Error 500 - Internal Server Error. The server could not retrieve the document due to server-configuration or other technical problems. Contact your site administrator.

Error message in the app-ca.log:
ERROR 2018-06-19 11:07:19,425 [http-nio-14001-exec-25] lookup.BaseLookupService (clarity:admin:11823484__11F6E12D-E43E-4E98-BE92-E9C2C8A3919C:odf.browsePage) Unable to get lookup values for lookup TEST_LOOKUP for browse page support
com.niku.union.odf.lookup.LookupException: Could not fetch values for the NSQL
at com.niku.odf.service.lookup.DynamicBrowseLookupService.getLookupValues(
at com.niku.odf.service.lookup.BaseLookupService.toXML(
at com.niku.odf.service.lookup.BrowseLookupService.doProcess(
at com.niku.odf.service.ODFActionService.processRequest(
at com.niku.union.service.binding.ServiceControlBindingJava.processRequest(
at com.niku.union.service.ServiceControlImpl.processRequest(
at com.niku.union.service.ServiceControlImpl.processRequest(
at com.niku.union.web.WebServiceAdapter.processRequest(
at com.niku.union.web.PortletController.processServiceRequest(
at com.niku.union.web.PortletController.processAuthorizedPortlet(
at com.niku.union.web.PortletController.processPageActionRequest(
at com.niku.union.web.PortletController.processRequest(
at com.niku.union.web.WebActionController.processAction(
at com.niku.union.web.WebActionController.processRequest(
at javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet.service(
This is most likely caused by an issue with the NSQL query getting corrupted in the cache.

1. Connect with admin user to CA PPM UI and go to :
2. Go to Groups Tab
3. Select: Custom Objects
4. Click Flush
Additional Information:
If the issue recurs, open a case with Product Support and refer to this KB article.