Enqueue Names needed for CA Top Secret?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Are there any special Enqueue Names that need to be defined for CA Top Secret?



Nothing needs to be defined to MIM or GRS for CA Top Secret.

CA Top Secret does all of it's Enqueuing locally, except for the Security File, and CA Top Secret doesn't issue any Hardware Reserves.

If sharing a Security File, and 'System A' has the Lock on the Security File, 'System B' knows this by a Header Record in the Security File. At that point, 'System B' will try again after a short delay. Also, if something else has a Hardware Reserve on the same Pack that the CA Top Secret Security File is on, CA Top Secret will wait until the Reserve is 'off'. If it turns out to be a long amount of time, CA Top Secret will issue the TSS123A message, stating what System has held the Lock and for how long for.