Endevor/GIT Automatic code merge functionalities

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Last Modified Date : 11/01/2019
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In the context of a Agile/DevOps exercise we're looking into the possibilities to have Cobol code in multiple parallel development tracks to be merged automatically.
On one hand we see that Endevor PDM might (partially?) have the possibilities to facilitate this, but on the other hand we also see the positioning of GIT in front of Endevor (Brightside initiative) in order to support fast cycle developments but still retaining the back-end in Endevor.
So my question is more on a strategic level: what is the direction CA is going for really agile development and more specifically with respect to automatic code (Cobol) merging facilities (at least as long as this is possible, if not issue warnings to developer to instruct him to do the changes manually)?
Strategically, we believe that integration to GIT brings Endevor into a modern Dev environment with very little risk and opening up a world of IDE and other DevOps tool integration.
There are still customers who will want to use the Eclipse plugin for their interface, or Quick Edit.
For those users, Sandboxes (Feature branches) and merging via either the integrated Eclipse merge editor or PDM is still required.
But the Eclipse merge does not do automatic merge and PDM is interactive.
Eclipse/PDM also does not have modern features like branches of branches, shelving, pull requests, etc.
Given all this, our advice would be to see if the GIT bridge would work for you.
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