ENF SYSMOD RO52028 missing.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You are in the planning process for an upgrade to CICS TS 5.1

You are running CA-Top Secret r15.0 and need to install RO53624 and RO53625...


You are running CA-ACF2 r15.0 and need to install RO53745.

Each of these PTFs deliver HOLDDATA identifying some required ENF SYSMODs. One of the listed PTFs for ENF r14.1 (RO52028) is not found when you search for it in both your existing CA Common Services r14.1 SMP/e CSI and in CA Support Online (CSO). You wonder what the problem is and what should be done.



At the time the CA-Top Secret and CA-ACF2 solutions were published, the corresponding ENF solution to deliver support for CICS TS 5.1 was slated to be RO52028. For unforeseen reasons this solution never became a published GA PTF and in it's place PTF RO53837 was released. So to satisfy the requirement, check that RO53837 is installed in place of RO52028. If necessary, Download RO53837 and RO54378 and install into your CA Common Services r14.1 SMP/e CSI.


See common UPGRAD solution RI53248 for CA Common Services support information pertaining to CICS TS 5.1.