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Last Modified Date : 09/05/2018
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We recently upgraded from release 11 to release 14. But ENF doesn't work. First abended saying

 CAS9312E - Load failed for DCM object "J161DCM2" - 004'.
In our ENFPARM member  we have defined DCM(J161DCM2) * ENF V1.0 ACF2 EVENT

We have ENFPARM coded as it was generated by job ENFUTIL I remove that from ENFPARM to check if it worked but it failed again with this message

CAS9075I - Service(CA-CCI/BASE ) Vers(1400) Genlvl(E100AW400)
CAS9236E - Req'd Datacom API element DBINFPR not found - ENF aborting.
CAS9237A - Have ENF support verify Datacom installation on this system.

We fixed that by specifying NODB. And now see:

CA-ENF Command: CICSREL(63,66) 
Invalid command - Invalid release 63 

ENF environment upgrading from pre R12.
Inconsistent and conflicting parameter settings.
You may have a mis-match of your parameter setting NODB & EVENT(JOBFAIL,ACT). 

Some of your Cross-Platform scheduling events are set to record. the event CAXPSFBK set to record, 
but also has purge set to 'N'. This will cause your database to fill and you to take measures to 
preserve the database. 

You need to have your event parameters match what you intend to do with a database. 

You cannot set NODB but yet have events set to record. 

The DCM module J162DCM2 cannot be found just like an S806. Please find the appropriate library and 
add it to the '//CAIDCM DD' concatenation. 

Alternatively you can change the DCM statement to access it from linklist as follows: 


2) You have events set to record which require a database. Your proc is set to not use a database at all. We supply 3 PROCs: 

ENF Uses no database use the PARM NODB 
ENFXMUF Uses an external Datacom/AD database. Requires additional STC. 
ENFIMUF Uses an internal Datacom/AD database. All Datacom files are allocated instream. 

As to the CICSREL(63,66) question. The 63 value representing CICS  release is no longer supported. 

Please review the install guide on this topic :