ENF 14.1 Internal CA Datacom/AD MUF (IMUF) does not show any DB00248I PGMDT messages, why?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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ENF 14.1 Internal CA Datacom/AD MUF (IMUF) does not show any DB00248I PGMDT messages, why?


ENF 14.1 PTF RO51159 causes suppression of the DB00248I PGMDT messages during ENF startup on the IMUF (ENF Internal MUF). Those messsages are:

    DB00248I PARM PGMDT=ccyymmdd, load-mod-name(program-name) ccyy/mm/dd-hhmm release ptf


PTF RO51159 was intended to suppress these messages which would occur at at ENF startup.

If requested or interested in seeing the RMID values for the Datacom modules that the Datacom MUF loads, there are other ways to get the information:

-- Startup Datacom/AD as External MUF.

-- TEC1559452 "Using CAMODID command to display maintenance information about your load module"


-- TEC1191855 "CA Datacom Multi-user and DBUTLTY jobs can issue “DB00248I - PARM PGMDT” messages to display the module maintenance level of each module that is being loaded by MUF or DBUTLTY. Is there a way to determine the maintenance levels (RMID) for all module?"

-- TEC554788 "How do I force an SQL -999 so that DB00248I program maintenance level messages for all changed object modules of CA Datacom SQL load module DBSRPPR appear in the PXX dump?"

Additional Information:

Refer to CA Datacom Messages for messages code DB00248I: