Endevor Web Services installation failed with missing files

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Last Modified Date : 10/08/2018
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V18.0.12 ENWSIns.sh script fails with the following message, how to fix the issue ?
[2018-07-27 14:27:28] Checking ENDEVOR_SOFTWARE_DIR ......................................... [FAILED]
  > File EndevorService_lib.tar does not exist!
  > File EndevorService.war does not exist!
ENDEVOR_SOFTWARE_DIR is defined in the ENWSInstallOptions.properties, this parameter points to the path where CA Endevor SCM product installed. This path should contain two folders: software and tpv.
For example: 

Both EndevorService_lib.tar and EndevorService.war resides in $ENDEVOR_SOFTWARE_DIR/tpv/tomcat

If both files are missing from the $ENDEVOR_SOFTWARE_DIR/tpv/tomcat,  you can restore ENDEVOR_SOFTWARE_DIR from the backup,  or reinstall RO99862 ( INCREMENTAL DELIVERY PTF VERSION 18.0.12) for FMID (CSIQI03) to get files back.

Additional Information:
The reason why both EndevorService_lib.tar and EndevorService.war are missing from $ENDEVOR_SOFTWARE_DIR/tpv/tomcat is due to the wrong ENDEVOR_TOMCAT_INSTANCE setting in the ENWSInstallOptions.properties

Customer has the following settings: 

With CLEAN_ENDEVOR_TOMCAT_INSTANCE set to Y, the ENDEVOR_TOMCAT_INSTANCE location will be cleared (rm -rf $ENDEVOR_TOMCAT_INSTANCE) if the directory already exist. 
$ENDEVOR_SOFTWARE_DIR/tpv/tomcat and all it's contents including EndevorService_lib.tar and EndevorService.war are deleted. 

The purpose of setting CLEAN_ENDEVOR_TOMCAT_INSTANCE set to Y is to allow customer run installation script multiple times and get clean install each time,  $ENDEVOR_TOMCAT_INSTANCE can point to anywhere except $ENDEVOR_SOFTWARE_DIR/tpv/tomcat.