Endevor package output shipping and IBM BDT-2

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Last Modified Date : 24/05/2018
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Would it be possible to use IBM's BDT-2 product (Bulk Data Transfer) to ship package outputs that reside in PDS/E libraries, like the program objects produced by the latest Enterprise COBOL versions?

Unfortunately not. IBM's BDT-2 cannot transmit PDS/E datasets. Only sequential and PDS are supported.

Whenever program objects (residing in PDS/E program libraries) are shipped using BDT-2, the following effecta can be observed:
  • Endevor creates PDS/E host staging libraries
  • The remote staging libraries created by BDT-2 are PDS
  • Copy of the remote staging datasets to its final destination raises message IEW2508S 3605 MODULE TESTIFOR IDENTIFIED BY DDNAME IAR002 IS NOT A VALID
  • IEBCOPY SYSPRINT shows error messages like IGW01207E BINDER DETECTED AN ERROR WHILE PROCESSING MEMBER TESTIFOR.  BINDER RETURN CODE = X'0000000C' REASON CODE = X'83000503' which indicate an I/O error in the input dataset
Sites in this situation need to change the transmission method to, for example, FTP or XCOM.