Endevor job failed with S053-111

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Last Modified Date : 17/08/2018
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Our Endevor jobs failed with S053 due to the limit of system Linkage Indexes (LXs) is reached.
Does Endevor use LX? If yes, why Endevor need to use LX and can Endevor use extended LX?
NDVRC1 program does use the LXRES macro, BC1PSRVX Attributes is RU(Reuse) and Endevor is supposed to clean up at when it terminates, so there should not be a problem.
The abend S053 abend means a failure in PC/AUTH services.
We should assume that the 'endevor server' has failed to establish its PC (program call) routines within the address space.
But S053 abend doesn't occurs often 2 reported in the last eight years.
We had them reported in releases up to 14.0, and in all cases endevor was not the cause.
They were caused by shortage on system defined resources or by repetitive abends in components like DB2.
The Abend S053 with reason 0111, i.e.
"IEF450I PC1A0SUB PS010 JS010 - ABEND=S053 U0000 REASON=00000111 146" occurs because PC/AUTH could not reserve one or more linkage indexes (LX) because the maximum number of LXs the system supports would be exceeded. Register 5 contains the number of LXs that are currently unreserved.
The Register 15 contains a hexadecimal reason code in the form xxyy, where xx identifies the macro that was issued and yy identifies the error.
For this reason code, you need to submit the case to IBM support, this is most on the IBM side as the previous already know case.
The description of the S053 abend says that the system is expected to write an SVC dump and a logrec data set error records.
-> Please open a case and send this doc to IBM Support and CA Support.